The lore

In the good old days, people lived on Earth happily and peacefully. The earth was flat, stood on whales and elephants, which holding it served as faithful supports. Thousands of years have passed, we have invented telescopes, spaceships, satellites, and Darwin put forward his theory of evolution, but the true origin of the Universe and all life on Earth is still a matter of dispute between thinkers and scientists. Unfortunately, humanity does not even suspect that it is as far from the truth as in the days of elephants and whales.

Let me take you to Mount Fuzzi in "no one knows where" and "no one knows when." Little hardworking creatures of the Elementies live here, from which the history of our reality began.

Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Shadow, Time, Sound and Energy have always lived in complete harmony and equality. This numerical population of Mount Fuzzi lived according to three fundamental principles: create, love, and multiply. The multiplication in species was equal and the same for millennia until there was a glitch.

We do not know for sure why this happened, but they say that Chaos in the world of the Elementies arose with the appearance of man on planet Earth and progressed with the development of human civilizations.

Peace-loving creatures today are in a state of population wars. The strongest and most numerous species survive. Unfortunately, Earth, Air, and Water are in the most deplorable condition. They hide in the mountain caves, trying to avoid encounters with Time and Fire, which are extremely hostile and have occupied Fuzzy Peak.

We dream of the day when harmony and equality will reign in the world of Elementies.

Only in such conditions is it possible to grow the rarest and most valuable species of Elementies: infinity, matter, and spirit. It is from them that new universes originate.



The Elementies is a Free to Play & Play to Earn game powered on the Solana blockchain.

It is a friendly metaverse with 4,000 base characters where players can own land, collect, breed, and battle against other players. Players will gain rewards in the form of $ELM tokens & unique NFT Cards.

The marketplace is available to sell your characters and land, or buy another Element whose characteristics you like.

Features and Utilities

PvP and PvE battles

Battle against other players or join boss raids with your friends and earn rewards


Collect Breeding Potion from your enemies in battles. Use them to breed new Elementies with unique traits


Trade your NFTs, lands and items with global players on the Marketplace or utilize those assets in the Elementies ecosystem

Fuzzi Lands

Find a home for your Elementies. You will be able to buy a cave inside the Fuzzi mountain where your little creatures can live in peace

DAO Governance

NFT holders will be able to stake their $ELM tokens, participate in governance voting, and receive other potential rewards

Community fund

Seventy percent of royalties will go to the community fund. Players and DAO members will join raffles and competitions to receive extra rewards from the treasury

Breeding system

The Elementies NFTs are more than just little collectible cuties. They are the main characters introduced by NFT assets owned by game players with a lot of features. Each Elementie NFT has a unique number of traits and abilities.

You can train them in the Fuzzi cave and breed them to receive a Special, Legendary, or even Ultra-rare Mythic Elementie.

To breed, you need to use the Breeding Potion (BP), which you can collect in PvP and PvE battles. Collect three epic Elementies to breed Space, Infinity, or Matter Elementie.

The Spirit elementie mint chance is low, and you need to collect 3 Legendary ones to do the breeding.Breeding can be done only three times with the Epic class of Elementies and once with the Legendary to avoid inflation.

Full Elementies compatibilities and mechanics are seen in the whitepaper.


How to play

Connect wallet

Connect your favorite wallet on Solana, like Phantom

Mint or Buy

Mint your first Elementie or just buy one on the Marketplace

Collect, Breed and Battle

After each battle, you will receive a Breeding potion, which you can use to breed your Elementies

Earn Rewards

Sell your elementies, receive rewards in battles or from staking, and other ecosystem incentives

Special perks for NFT holders

Holding an original Elementie depending
on rarity, gives you special perks, such as:

Place in DAO governance
Early access to the game
Airdrop of new characters
In-game bonuses for your Elementie
Fuzzi's land airdrop chance and access to the pre-sale
Participation in raffles
Airdrop of in-game tokens


Phase 1


  • Whitelist presale
  • Rarity rankings
  • Main Mint event
  • Community fund
  • Raffles
  • Discord events
  • DAO creation

Q4 2021

Phase 2

Presale and IDO

  • Detailed whitepaper
  • Gameplay preview
  • Seed sale
  • Private sale to whitelisted members
  • IDO
  • Tokens airdrop for NFT holders

Q4 2021

Phase 3

Game launch

  • Breeding game release
  • Battle system testing
  • Land presale for NFT holders
  • Storyline comic book release
  • Staking launch
  • Marketplace launch

Q1 2022

Phase 4

Game update

  • Lands public sale
  • Live battle system release
  • Raid boss fights add
  • Treasury prize raffle
  • New characters release
  • New abilities cards drop

Q2 2022

Future Vision

Launchpad and incubator for P2E games on Solana and other blockchains.
Strategic partnership with Tier 1 VCs and exchanges




Eva has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2018. She is experienced in marketing, e-commerce, and game design. She worked as a project manager for several European game development studios, launching and scaling their products worldwide. Her real passion is NFT and games. Her dream is to create a metaverse where people can earn and help each other.

Lead Designer


Sofiia, is a proficient comic artist and illustrator. Her works were used in a lot of commercially published books and comics in Europe. Working part-time, she helps studios to create concept art and unique style. She loves cats, Chinese tea, and the Inctober contest.



Maria started painting at 10. She successfully finished art school and started building her illustrator and game designer career. She is experienced in vector character design and hand-drawn illustrations. She worked as a game designer for a design studio based in Kyiv. Marie does her best to create the most exciting experience for future players and NFT owners as part of our team.

Lead Game Developer


Lead Game Developer


Zhang has been involved in game development since 2014. He worked at Garena and other leading software companies that take mobile gaming to the next level. He created mobile apps, high-end video games, and interactive 3D web apps. Zhang uses Unity3D as the primary tool to create the Elementies game and scale it to different platforms.

Lead Blockchain Developer


Lead Blockchain Developer


Liam is a senior blockchain developer and believes in crypto-currencies. He went full-time developing crypto-currency-related projects in 2018. Liam has strong knowledge of data structures and Rust and experience working with decentralized applications, including exchanges, funds, lending protocols, payments wallets. He shares the vision that gaming and the metaverse are the ways to bring mass adoption.


1. What is the Elementies game?

The Elementies is a play-to-earn metaverse, where you can battle with other players, breed your Elementies, and own land. Please check our website to learn more about all the features.

2. Why are they called Elementies?

Each character in our game represents the fundamental elements of alchemy and the other powers of our universe, creating an exciting mythic world.

3. When is the pre-sale event?

21 November, 14:00 UTC. Sold out!

4. When is the public mint date?

Round 1 - Sold out. Round 2 - 18 December, 14:00 UTC

5. What is the mint price?

The minting price is 0.6 SOL for 1 Elementie NFT.

6. How do I join the whitelist?

Whitelist is closed now. Stay tuned. Also, join our discord to be in touch with the team.

7. How can I get the $ELM token?

Seed sales are open to VCs. After the NFT sell, we will do an IDO. We will airdrop $ELM tokens to Elementies NFT holders. Also, it will be available on DEX exchanges after the IDO.

8. Where and how can I mint Elementies?

The mint will be available on our website. You need to prepare the required amount of SOL in your Phantom wallet to participate. Check our official links for instructions.